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Who We Are...

Serving those who are serving, have served, and those who have sacrificed

Frontline Heroes Outdoors (FHO) is a Texas-born 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to acknowledging and supporting those who serve or have served our nation as frontline heroes. Our mission is to cultivate a robust and inclusive community through a range of outdoor and social activities, focusing on connection, camaraderie, and shared experiences.


Who We Serve:

At FHO, we honor and support a diverse group of individuals who dedicate their lives to serving our great nation. Our community includes:

  • Active Duty Military and Veterans

  • Law Enforcement Personnel

  • First Responders (Firefighters, EMS, and Paramedics)

  • The Families of our Frontline Heroes including spouses and children with a special focus on spouses of deployed members and Gold Star Families


Our Mission:

We recognize the unique challenges and sacrifices made by these groups in their service to the nation. FHO aims to provide a supportive and engaging environment where these heroes and their families can relax, connect, and enjoy a well-deserved respite from their demanding roles.


Our Activities:

While hunting and fishing are our primary focus, FHO’s vision encompasses a variety of activities to encourage our members to step away from their daily responsibilities and into a supportive community setting. We organize events like concerts, horseback riding, axe throwing, hiking, kayaking, and more, offering something for everyone.


Building Community:

The core of Frontline Heroes Outdoors is our commitment to building a strong, supportive community. We strive to create opportunities for our members to forge meaningful connections, share experiences, and find common ground. Our goal is to develop a sense of belonging and mutual support, reinforcing the idea that our members are part of a larger, understanding community.


Inclusive and Welcoming:

FHO is committed to inclusivity, welcoming all who serve in these vital roles, regardless of their background or experience with outdoor activities. Our community is here to embrace everyone, from seasoned enthusiasts to newcomers eager to explore new adventures.


Join Us:

We invite all who serve in these critical roles to join us in this journey of discovery, enjoyment, and community-building. Together, we can create memorable experiences, foster enduring friendships, and provide a network of support that honors the dedication and sacrifices of our nation's heroes.

Meet Our Team

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